Mycol Balm is a product I have recommended for the past 14 years and of which I have personally used for a variety of purposes ranging from sore muscles to insect bites.

I have found Mycol Balm to be a pleasantly fragrant, deep penetrating, soothing and above all, an effective product in providing relief of joint pain from arthritis, muscle strain, or sprain.

People have said they use Mycol Balm for relief from pain due to sun burn, rotator cuff injuries, pain in their knees, ankles, elbows, neck, and all areas of joints or muscles.

A woman from Kentucky writes, ‘I am crippled with rheumatoid arthritis and would like to know where I can purchase Mycol Balm?’ The answer: Right here! Click the Mycol Balm button above and use the convenient secure order form.

A Florida resident wanted six bottles sent to him. He had been bitten by a spider which caused enormous swelling and pain in his entire arm. A neighbor came to his aid with a bottle of Mycol Balm. Within a few hours the pain and swelling had substantially subsided. As a result he wanted to send a bottle to each of his two sons in England, one to pay his neighbor back, and the others for his own stock.

I used it on my quadricep tendonitis! I massaged it into the muscles above the knee cap and wrapped it with an ace bandage. My knee pain was reduced! I have also used it on bug bites and can tell you it works on those too! I’m a fan.