History of Mycol Balm!

Mycol Balm Liquid was first formulated by Dr. Joseph Perry in a small laboratory in St. Louis, Michigan in the year 1938.  He was a doctor of veterinary medicine specializing in the treatment of chickens and formulated many remedies and cures for the poultry industry.

One day, a dear friend of the doctor whose daughter was crippled and in constant pain from an automobile accident pleaded with him to develop some type of liniment to help relieve her pain. Dr. Perry worked feverishly and finally developed a formula now known as Mycol Balm Liquid. After successfully relieving the pain of his friends daughter, Dr. Perry began to manufacture and distribute Mycol Balm Liquid, relieving the aches and pains of many people and developing a substantial customer base along the way.

After Dr. Perry’s death his wife, Ellen, and the rest of the Perry family continued the doctors good work for many years. Since then Mycol Laboratories was founded, and with the help of Mrs. Ellen Perry, Mycol Laboratory has obtained the original formula and now continues to distribute Mycol Balm Liquid just as Dr. Perry did many years ago.

This is an older commercial.  Right Aid does not carry it (for now) and Healthway Pharmacy is now St. Charles Pharmacy.  If your area does not have Mycol Balm, ask your Pharmacist, Doctor or Chiropractor to carry it or order it right here!